Jameis Winston and the National Championship

During Florida State’s final drive, I had no doubt that Jameis Winston was going to mount the comeback. His poise throughout the game, even when under lots of pressure, showed that he could handle a difficult situation. As Jameis Winston famously declared in a pregame speech, “If we gon’ do it, we do it big!” His play dictated this exact quote as the team was able to play big after their 21-3 deficit. The Seminoles outscored the Auburn Tigers 21-10 in the final quarter, including a 100 yard kick return for a touchdown to give them a lead. Winston’s last drive showed how mature the redshirt freshman is, and how the Florida State Seminoles will be a major force in the next few seasons with Winston still at the helm.

The victory also ended the seven year streak of SEC teams winning the national championship. Under the BCS format, rankings and perceptions played a huge role in the selection of the championship contenders, possibly leaving out other conferences, or other strong teams. Next season, college football will have a four team playoff, with the teams selected by a committee. This is definitely a better setup, which allows for more quality football and a more consensus national champion.



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