Olympic Spirit

After all of the controversy that arose before the Olympics even started, from the terrorism threats, hotel disasters, and gay rights activism, I think the IOC can look back on what has happened in a positive light. There were no major issues during the Olympics (except one Olympic ring from the opening ceremonies). As a fan, I expected something to happen during the Olympics, not that I wanted it to, but I just thought Russia would not be able to handle it. As it turns out, everything was completed smoothly thus far.

As for the American’s perspective, the build up of the hockey tournament for both the men’s and women’s side was the most surprising aspect of the Olympics for me. I know hockey is popular, but I never knew that it would be the absolute biggest storyline throughout the Olympics. The women’s hockey team lost in the gold-medal match against Canada, but still showed great resolve in the rest of their games. The men’s team  looks to continue their run in their semi-final match against Canada Friday.

The medal count is not showing the disparity that we have become accustomed to in the Summer games, but there have been other positive story-lines. First, the American men swept the podium in the skiing slopestyle, only the third occurrence in U.S. Winter Olympic history. Next, the pair of Meryl Davis and Charlie White took the gold medal in Figure Skating Ice Dance. This was a culmination of a lifetime of working together and an exciting moment after taking the silver medal four years ago. Lastly, Bode Miller won a bronze medal in what could be his final Olympic appearance. His last year has been emotional, which showed after his race.

The controversy surrounding the interview with Bode Miller is well deserved after the reporter, Christin Cooper, kept asking personal questions, which led Miller to break down and cry. He has defended her actions, but the public is not so forgiving. In such an emotional moment like winning an Olympic medal, there should be a standard on which to bring up certain topics. Her persistent questioning about the loss of his brother is obviously bringing up an emotional topic  during a very emotional moment. There are better places and times for him to discuss things like that. On the snow after the race does not seem like one of those times. He should be able to compose himself and discuss that when he finds he is ready and able to.

The Olympics are a great time to cheer for your country and watch the best athletes in the world compete against each other to be called the greatest.  You never know what will happen during the Olympics, which makes it exciting for me and makes me even more ready for next Olympic games to be held in Rio de Janeiro, but not before watching the end of these games.


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