A Dynasty of Wisconsin Basketball

For a team that many people see as mediocre, that plays well in the regular season and falters in the postseason, the Wisconsin men’s basketball team is on the verge of something big.

After a Final Four appearance (and awfully close to a National Championship appearance), the Badgers are primed for another run. Wisconsin only lost one starter, Ben Brust, who was a sharpshooter from beyond the arc. His production will be hard to duplicate, but Wisconsin has the pieces to fill the void in other areas.

Frank Kaminsky was huge in the NCAA tournament run. With him bulking up a little bit this offseason and improving his overall game, there won’t be many people who will be able to stop him. Power forward Nigel Hayes will also be a valuable part of the team, as he was the sixth man of the year. Then with reserves Duje Dukan and Bronson Koenig, Wisconsin will be able to hit three-pointers just like they did this year.

Lastly, recruit Ethan Happ has been successful in an international tournament and showing signs of growth that could be used in the Wisconsin system. But those are not the only factors that make Wisconsin primed for success in the following years.

Other teams in the Big Ten are losing some of their best players, which means they should not be able to keep up with the consistency of the Badgers. A 25-win season is on the horizon for not only next year, but many of the years to come. With Bo Ryan always getting talent out of his players, do not be surprised if there are more Final Four runs in the upcoming years, or maybe even national championships.

This is about to be a special era under Bo Ryan. Fans and players are beginning to notice, what is going on here at Wisconsin. Just get ready for an incredible few upcoming seasons.


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